Danil "Dendi" Ishutin
Legendary Pro Player, TI Winner
"MMR is just a number, but true skill isn’t. From my work in Dota 2 Navigation, I know about the passion these guys have for Dota and how it translates to this project. Instead of getting stuck in your current rank, give DotaHaven a chance and start your journey of becoming a better player!"
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The monetization system on YouTube and the prevalence of AdBlock often make it hard for smaller channels to make a living out of the content they create. That’s why we believe that a place like DOTAHAVEN is necessary to keep our community healthy and growing. 70% of the money you spend will go directly to the content creators whose content you watch, allowing them to pursue their passion as a full-time job.
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Each of our partners controls how they use the system. Some of them use it to post early-access videos, others – exclusive content. By subscribing, you’ll gain a competitive edge over everyone else by finding out first about the latest metagame trends and innovative strategies or builds. We also track your stats with every hero you play and give you instant advice. More importantly, we recommend the best content for you to keep growing as a player!
Our Partners:

Datoh started playing Dota more than 8 years ago after he suffered injuries which caused him to retire from competitive Wushu (Chinese Martial Art). He has a diploma in Aerospace Electronics but decided to drop out of Uni to try to pursue his passion for creating content for Dota 2 full time.

His YouTube channel features easily digestible and very well-edited videos on how to become better at Dota. Datoh has an active YouTube community which determines the content he creates, so he deserves all the support coming his way!

Youtuber, Streamer

Rijad originally calibrated at 1k MMR when playing with a friend. When his friend quit Dota, he decided to git gud and in 1.5 years he was able to reach 5k MMR.

Nowadays he is 6.5k and spends a lot of time making guides and educational but funny streams on YouTube and Twitch.

Needless to say, a guy who was in the trench and is now at the peak is the best kind of guy to teach you how to improve at the game!

Captain IceBlock
YouTuber, Storm Spammer

Linas is a shameless Storm spammer – he is one of the top 100 ranked Storm players according to Dotabuff.

His videos focus on the mid lane, mostly told through Storm's perspective, but applicable to most mid heroes. In his channel, you can also find guides on other heroes, coaching sessions, and various other topics related to improving one's gameplay.

He has a small channel, but his content is very high quality – very well written and edited, and he deserves to receive the opportunity to develop and grow it!

Youtuber, Streamer

You can say that Navetz is a handyman. Alongside with streaming and creating guides for Dota, he develops software, owns a company, does renovations, and on top of all of that is a fitness streamer. All in all, Navetz is a very positive guy who is constantly trying to become better in every aspect of life, which bleeds into his Dota gameplay and the content he makes for his followers!