Do you want to get better at Dota or do you simply enjoy learning about the creative things people invent to win in this amazing game?

Either way, you are in the right place - we are trying our hardest to create the best hub for high-quality educational content for our community:

Content from established pros:

If you are a competitive Dota geek like us, you probably want to learn from the best. Understandably, most established pros are really busy and don't have a lot of time to create content. To motivate them to do so, we offer them a share of the sales of any premium content they make with us. The more involved they are in the process, the bigger the share.

An excellent example for this is Qojqva's Book of Dota - a series of guides, created in cooperation with none other than Max "qojqva" Bröcker, who currently plays for the legendary team Alliance.

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Content from semi-pros:

Semi-pros have a different problem - they have immense knowledge about the game but they need a source of income to keep chasing their dream of becoming professional players. Our goal is to use this knowledge to create very high-quality content with them and that will provide them with a revenue stream that can help them continue on their path and one day, hopefully, hold the Aegis of Champions themselves.

Nikobaby's Book of Dota is a great example of guides created with a young, hungry and extremely talented semi-pro attempting to conquer to the competitive scene - Nikolay "Nikobaby" Nikolov.

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Community-created content:

Without any doubt, there is a lot of great community-created content out there. That's why we share it on our website and sort it by topics and other relevant factors to make it easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

Hopefully, you will be able to discover your new favorite content creators here and in return - they will get your support!

For example, Rijad "Cookie" Sarajlic is an amazing educational content creator with a new and growing community of followers. He managed to climb from 1k to 6k MMR and now he makes great content like this Ancient Weaver replay analysis on his YouTube channel and Twitch.

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Above you can see the Collection page. There you can store all free and premium guides that you have found in our Library and plan to use. The collection page allows you to quickly access them in between games. Removing and adding new content happens at the press of a button.

When you go in your Collection for the first time, you'll notice that we've left something there for you: three complementary guides from our Book of Dota series - Lebron's Book of Lion, Nikobaby's Book of Luna & Qojqva's Book of the Queen of Pain!

Screenshot Progress CM

And this is the Progress page. We use your match history data to track your performance with different heroes. For example, this is my Progress with CM. The bars represent the average stats in my last 10 ranked games with the hero - this way we get rid of old data and you can see at what pace you're actually improving. As you can see, my hero damage is quite decent - I've even unlocked the gold milestone in the past by achieving 16k average hero damage over 10 games. My KDA and XPM, however, leave something to be desired. To help me out, the Progress page generates a few quick tips and a longer automated advice (below the bars) based on my stats. I probably need to work on my positioning to die less with CM, get a better XPM and KDA and win more games.

We hope you enjoy your stay here!

Whatever the reason for your desire to improve - to enjoy the game better, to out-play your friends or even to become a pro player one day, we hope that you'll join us on our journey to git gud!

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