Partnership Announcement

We’re excited to announce our new partner -!     

Their support will help us create a lot more free content in the long run. For example, our analytical article series where we try to get valuable lessons out of pro games will become a regular occurrence! Other various types of content interesting to the Dota community, like for example our interview with Dendi, will also become possible thanks to EGB’s involvement.

To start the partnership off properly we wrote 4 analytical articles on some of the most strategically interesting games of the Chongqing major!

Who are is one of the best-specialized sportsbooks working exclusively with esports titles. EGB is the perfect platform for people who want to bet on professional Dota matches because they offer great live betting (extremely important for people who love to predict games based on drafts!) and offer bets on many smaller tournaments that are not covered by most general sports betting websites.


EGB have always had a policy to offer some of the best bonuses on the betting scene. For example, they offer signup bonuses for most major Dota 2 events. Their points system (which governs their bonuses) can also be used in an online shop to buy great gaming gear from some of the most established brands – Razer, Roccat, Steel Series, HyperX, etc.


Since 2019, they also have a new policy – to match the best odds on the market for esports titles. This makes them a great site for people that take esports betting more seriously and use their knowledge of the game to make a profit!

Responsible Betting:

Many people have ethical concerns about the high involvement of betting in our industry. Betting websites like EGB are often major sponsors of esport teams, events, and community websites like ours.

If you dig a bit deeper, even the business model of most free to play games, including Dota, is very reminiscent of gambling. When you buy loot crates/chests, you are paying for a chance to get what you want.

Those concerns are absolutely legitimate – betting, like most things in excess, could be dangerous. As gamers, some of us are intimately familiar with this concept of an unhealthy addiction.

With all of this considered, two things put our minds at ease when it comes to this partnership:

First, Dota 2 has an older player base – most players are adults and have the capacity to be responsible for their own decisions.

Second, EGB takes responsible betting seriously: they require ID verification (the best existing way to prevent betting from minors) and even provide useful resources for people that are experiencing the negative sides of betting. 

We hope this is the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership that will benefit above all the users of both websites thanks to the great content we’ll be able to put out!