A new way to support content creators!

I’m quite excited to announce that we partnered up with a couple of awesome Dota YouTubers in an innovative way that I believe will benefit them as well as the whole community.

Let me explain:

Because Youtube monetizes only with ads, and because most of us use Adblock, it’s actually quite hard for most Dota YouTube channels to make a living out of their content, even if it’s awesome and beneficial to the community. This problem is especially big for channels who post high-effort content that targets a niche audience - e.g. guides.

That’s why a lot of channels are trying to find alternative ways to monetize, like Patreon. The problem with this, however, is that a single content creator cannot provide enough value to justify a subscription for the average viewer.

That’s where we come in: unlike a single YouTuber, a network of high-quality creators together with a convenient platform can provide the necessary value!

How it Works:

Our partners post some of their content behind the paywall as they see fit. Most will use Dotahaven to post early-access content, which they will at a later date release publicly on their channel, and some will post exclusive content.

In return, we pay our partners 70% of the total subscription revenue. The revenue is distributed based on our engagement data: i.e. if you watch the content of two of our partners, 70% of your subscription money will get split among the two of them accordingly.

The leftover 30% will cover the expenses and continued improvement of the website.

Our Partners:


Datoh started playing Dota more than 8 years ago after he suffered injuries which caused him to retire from competitive Wushu (Chinese Martial Art). He has a diploma in Aerospace Electronics but decided to drop out of Uni to try to pursue his passion for creating content for Dota 2 full time.

His YouTube channel features easily digestible and very well-edited videos on how to become better at Dota. Datoh has an active YouTube community which determines the content he creates, so he deserves all the support coming his way!

Youtuber, Streamer

Rijad originally calibrated at 1k MMR when playing with a friend. When his friend quit Dota, he decided to git gud and in 1.5 years he was able to reach 5k MMR.

Nowadays he is 6.5k and spends a lot of time making guides and educational but funny streams on YouTube and Twitch.

Needless to say, a guy who was in the trench and is now at the peak is the best kind of guy to teach you how to improve at the game!

Captain IceBlock
YouTuber, Storm Spammer

Linas is a shameless Storm spammer – he is one of the top 100 ranked Storm players according to Dotabuff.

His videos focus on the mid lane, mostly told through Storm's perspective, but applicable to most mid heroes. In his channel, you can also find guides on other heroes, coaching sessions, and various other topics related to improving one's gameplay.

He has a small channel, but his content is very high quality – very well written and edited, and he deserves to receive the opportunity to develop and grow it!

We are still searching for other partners. In terms of types of content creators we are looking for, we are quite flexible. Right now we are mostly focused on educational content, but I think this concept is applicable to other kinds of high-effort content as well, like well-edited comedy videos, etc. 

Of course, partnering up with bigger channels will be a big step forward for us. That said, I’m also interested in smaller content creators which have shown consistency and promise! My vision is to turn DOTAHAVEN into the stepping stone that content creators need to commit fully to mastering their craft and improving their content, which in turn will create value for our whole community in the long run!

If you know such a creator, tell them to get in touch with us!

Don’t forget that the awesome competitive scene we have looks the way it does nowadays mainly because Valve enabled the community to support the scene through the community prize pool contribution. I believe that content creators are just as valuable to our community as pro players, and because of this, I dream of creating the platform that does the same thing for them as the Battlepass system does for the pros!

If this seems interesting to you and you want to support our partners, consider subscribing! You can learn more about it here.

You Give:

By subscribing, you are giving our partners the support they need to improve their content, grow their channels, and reach their full potential!

You Get:

In return, your DOTAHAVEN.com subscription gives you exclusive or early access to the content of Datohleong as well as the content of all our other partners!