Artist: Valve Headquarters
Back at Valve Headquarters...
Dota Underlords Big Update UI by Bruno

  1. The attention falls on what’s most important in the game - the namesake Underlordstm (which are also quite fashionably designed), as seen on the right.
  2. Other less important details like the battling heroes are represented mainly through Health Barstm so that players will be able to gather all the information they need (if they ever need some) with a single glance.
  3. Above the Underlord, other frequently used UI elements (chat & shop buttons) are easily visible thanks to their neon colors and classy blingtm.
  4. The Disco Ball above the board is the artwork’s centerpiece. It provides useful light above the board and makes it seem like the heroes are dancing, but with more stabbingtm.
  5. A cat – everybody likes cats! It will simply take the last bench spot, I’m sure no one will mind! Later on, this could become an equippable vanity item and we can sell e.g. Gabe and Ice Frog cutouts for ~$1m.
Conclusion: the player base will love the new UI! We’ve been building up the expectations for the big update for so long that I decided to go the extra mile with this concept. It’s technically not possible to disappoint anyone with the new UI!

P.S. Hello, dear colleagues! Just making sure it’s perfectly clear any ideas used in the abovementioned UI for the Dota Underlords Big Updatetm are created entirely by me (Bruno Carluccitm) and no one else. Make sure this is reflected in my yearly employee report at the company. Thanks and have a great post-update period!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned, as we are writing (a serious) Big Update meta overview and will try to publish it early next week! Have fun with the awesome new content and be certain that Valve will address all the feedback they've been receiving about the UI оf Dota!