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Hello, old friends. 

In the last blog post on we told you that even though the website is not supported any longer due to a variety of problems (the major one being lack of funding), we are looking for investors in order to resurrect it. Obviously, this didn't happen as we envisioned it for a long time.

After two long years, however, I finally have the immense pleasure of introducing It is a very different project conceptually and in terms of the people involved in it. Yet, as one of the people who worked on I think I owe it to our old customers to fulfill the promises that D2N made a long time ago to the best of my abilities:

We used the old content from dota2navigation created with Puppey and Dendi as the basis for our new premium Book of Dota guide series - we redesigned, heavily modified, and updated the old content and we also created a ton of new guides, which I believe are of very high quality. It seems fair that all our old customers should receive all of this for free as a big thank you for supporting the old project:

To get access to The Book of Dota premium content:
  1. Log in with your Steam account
  2. Go to your Account Settings page (click on your name in the header or on the Settings page in the header burger menu)
  3. Provide the email that you used to register in
  4. You will receive a verification email (check your promotions/spam tabs if you don't see it). Click the link and you will receive a Gold Account, which will unlock all current and future Book of Dota guides for you.
I hope you will find the new content interesting and useful and that we will continue our old journey of getting better together.

With gratitude for the past and excitement for the future:

Yours truly,
former head of content for
founder of

dendi + puppey d2n