Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I pay for content?

If you don’t want to that’s totally fine, but by doing so you’re helping the community grow and develop. Paying for content helps support the content creators – getting money for making Dota 2 guides could, for example, help a semi-pro chase their dream of becoming pro.

In the case of pro players who are already financially secure – it gives them an incentive to incorporate content creation into their busy schedule. This is great for us, their fans!

Does the content get updated with new versions of the game or metagame changes?

When it is possible, yes. For example, the Book of Dota guide series is designed in a way to be easily updateable. Other pieces of community created content might not get updated – it is up to the content creators. Some guides age very well (usually guides on more broad topics), while other become redundant with new patches. If a piece of content becomes redundant and doesn’t get updated we usually remove it from our library.

Do you pay your content creators?

Yes, we pay pros and semi-pros a percentage of the sales of their products depending on their involvement – the more work they do, the larger the percentage. Writers, editors, video editors, designer, etc. we pay for work done (unless they are our full-time employees, in which case they survive on celery…
I mean they receive a salary.)

Embedded community-created content is monetized by the creator through Youtube subscriptions/ads, Patreon, etc., so make sure to support your favorite content creators!

Are you in beta?
A beta version implies that there will be a final version. We believe the term is misused for a lot of projects (including Dota) as they never have a final version – they are constantly improving and so are we.
How do you choose which community-created content to share in your library?
We are Dota players ourselves (some of us extremely good at Dota, others not so much), so we use this kind of content ourselves. If we really like something we include it, if not – we don’t. If you think we’ve missed something great you can let us know and we’ll check it out and include it.
I want to create content with/for you.
If you are a pro or semi-pro player just get in touch with us. If not, then just create great content and show it to us!
Is all content going to get translated into Russian?

As far as the content we produce ourselves – yes. Third party community-created guides won’t get translated from English to Russian and vice versa (unless the content creators do it themselves). This means the EN and RU versions of the website will have different content libraries.


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Your Steam & Dota 2 data (your match history) is collected when you log in with your Steam account and it is updated periodically. It is used to generate your Progress page, which is visible only to you, we don’t share it.

As of now, we don't use any advertising networks (& cookies), which means we don't collect or use any ads-related data. We use Google Analytics for R&D purposes.

Refund and cancellation policies

If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us and request a refund. (We would appreciate if you tell us the reason why you’re unsatisfied, but you don't have to.) To be eligible for a refund, the refund request should be made within two days of the purchase.

Terms, Conditions & Copyright

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