Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Immortal account and why should I subscribe?

The Immortal account gives you access to exclusive content by our partners. By subscribing, you’re helping our community grow and develop!

For content creators, if you don’t have a huge Youtube or Twitch channel, dedicating all your time and effort into creating content is very hard thanks to AdBlock and low YouTube payouts. A steady stream of income helps our partners make this into a full-time job, which in turn helps them improve and create much better content!

And for your support, you’ll receive a lot of value in return – early access and exclusive content by your favorite creators!

Why not use Patreon or other forms of donations instead?

You could, DOTAHAVEN is not the only way to support content creators. Nonetheless, we believe we offer a better solution for two simple reasons:

  • You receive a lot of value in return – early or exclusive access to high-quality content from numerous content creators. Providing the same value would be impossible for a creator working by himself on his Patreon.
  • It’s cheap (you don’t have to pledge to multiple Patreon accounts), and your money gets automatically distributed fairly amongst the creators whose content you engage with!

Are you in beta?
A beta version implies that there will be a final version. We believe the term is misused for a lot of projects (including Dota) as they never have a final version – they are constantly improving and so are we.
How do I become a partner?

Get in touch with us from the contact form to the right! If you are a dedicated content creator and your content is of good quality, we’d love to work together!


Your payments are processed by Braintree (a Paypal company) - we don’t store any of your payment data. Upon payment, we collect your IP address for EU VAT tax compliance purposes.

Your Steam & Dota 2 data (your match history) is collected when you log in with your Steam account and it is updated periodically. It is used to generate your Stats & Tips page, which is visible only to you, we don’t share it.

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Refund and cancellation policies

If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us and request a refund. (We would appreciate if you tell us the reason why you’re unsatisfied, but you don't have to.) To be eligible for a refund, the refund request should be made within five days of the purchase.

Terms, Conditions & Copyright

All Dota 2 assets including but not limited to hero names, models, artwork (including icons, loading screens, the Dota 2 logo, etc.) and gameplay footage belong to Valve Corp. Ctrust LTD is not associated with Valve.

All content (written, video & audio) available on the website is a property of:

  • Ctrust LTD for Dotahaven content developed in-house
  • the respective author for embedded & shared content.
Distribution of our premium content (any content behind a paywall) without our written consent is forbidden. Distribution of our free content is encouraged!

Your account on the website may only be used by one person or organization.

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