Qojqva's Book of the Queen Of Pain
by Qojqva & Co.
Queen Of Pain

Qojqva's extensive guide to Queen of Pain. Inside you can find everything you need to dominate the game with QoP:

  • skills, builds, strengths & weaknesses
  • drafting, playstyles, tactics, and priorities in the different stages of the game
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Danil "Dendi" Ishutin
Legendary Pro Player, TI Winner
"MMR is just a number, but true skill isn’t. From my work in Dota 2 Navigation, I know about the passion these guys have for Dota and how it translates to this project. Instead of getting stuck in your current rank, give DotaHaven a chance and start your journey of becoming a better player!"
Articles & Updates

The minor is over and Ehome made a convincing statement - they dropped only 1 game in the entire tournament. Are there valuable lessons we can learn from them?

Is the current meta all about strong lanes and constant pressure in the early-mid game, or is team-fight potential still king?

OG and Ehome had a very interesting and contested game 1 in their series. Can we take some valuable lessons home?

What can we learn from Keen vs NiP, the first series at the Bucharest Minor?

We sponsored Moonduck Studio's latest podcast episode and decided to do a giveaway...

With a lot of the negativity in our community coming to the forefront once again thanks to the recent Chinese Skem/Kuku drama, I thought maybe it’s a good time to remind ourselves why we love this game.

I had the chance to have a chill Skype conversation with Dendi about the new 7.20 patch, the DPC season, his plans for the future and the recent Skem/Kuku drama.

We decided to analyze one of Na'Vi's more 1-sided games to try to see what they’re doing right and to learn from it!

We just deployed a major update to the platform! It includes important changes to our LIBRARY & HOME pages as well as a brand new SUBSCRIPTION option for those of you truly dedicated to becoming better players!

In game 2 of the Bucharest Minor Qualifier series, OG employed a very simple but also extremely creative and efficient strategy that allowed them to secure an effortless 22 minute victory...

The Final Tribe achieved a surprise victory against NiP by countering PA with Medusa. They employed the same strategy against Secret but it didn't work. What changed?

If EG is the better team, how did J.Storm manage to beat them 2-0 in the Chongqing Major Qualifiers?

The Final Tribe pulled-off a surprise victory against favorites NiP and managed to counter PA very convincingly in the process. Can we use the same strats to beat PA in pubs?

We try to gain a good understanding of the newly developing 7.20 competitive meta because the successful pro strats will find their ways to our pubs:

A list of 6 interesting 7.20 mechanics you might not know about.

We talked with a couple of immortal players to try to deduct some of the most significant changes in the game and to try to get a grasp of where things are headed...

In this article, we’ll try to extract a couple of valuable lessons from the epic 5-game grand final series that we can use in our own games!

How did TNC's pull off a surprise victory against Vici Gaming with Spectre?

Let’s agree that EG is mechanically the better team for the sake of argument. If this is true, how did NiP manage to beat them and can we replicate what they are doing in our own games?

This two-part article was created in partnership with joinDOTA.com.