In-Depth Mars Guide
by MrNiceGuy

Our extensive guide to Mars. Inside you can find all the information to gain a solid grasp on the hero and start winning: 

  • skills, builds, strengths & weaknesses
  • drafting, playstyles, tactics, and priorities in the different stages of the game
  • 5k words, 3 example videos
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Danil "Dendi" Ishutin
Legendary Pro Player, TI Winner
"MMR is just a number, but true skill isn’t. From my work in Dota 2 Navigation, I know about the passion these guys have for Dota and how it translates to this project. Instead of getting stuck in your current rank, give DotaHaven a chance and start your journey of becoming a better player!"
Articles & Updates

The clash of those two T1 giants is likely to define the meta not only on the pro scene, but also in pubs.

What can we learn from the latest DAC Twitch Rivals? A tournament and meta overview as well as a detail game analysis of Hafu's game 4 losing strat victory.

A meta-analysis of the Starladder ImbaTV minor in anticipation of the Dreamleague Major.

I had the chance to have a chill Discord conversation with lizZard about his experience as a pro player and caster and his thoughts on the patch and current meta.

An El Clásico nostalgia trip, and a 7.21 meta-analysis...

In this article, I’ll talk about the basic principles of positioning your army on the chess grid in order to gain an advantage.

Flying Penguins (Eternal Envy's new team) achieved a surprise victory over EG in the DL Major Qualifiers. In the second game of the series, Gunnar had a spectacular performance on Ember Spirit. We decided to explore this game from his perspective.

Mineski were ahead in terms of resources and map control and they had a great long-term draft and strategy. Yet, they managed to lose - how did Fnatic do it?

In game two of the Chongqing Major grand finals between Secret and VP, Puppey once again bedazzled everyone with innovative drafting. Secret ran support Luna successfully...

Game one of EG vs PSG.LGD gave us the perfect opportunity to analyze pos. 4 Mag in the current meta.

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